School Portal Kit is dedicated to providing improved education solution through the use of innovative technology. Our mission is to leverage on ICT to bring educational services to improve learning, enhance proper management and accountability in schools as well as supply of ICT equipment and hands-on practical training to students.


We aspire to alleviate schools, teachers and school owners from the stress involved in managing their schools. These stress ranging from result computation and errors, students accountabilty and management records, influx of money in the school system, expenses management, staff payment, school fee management, class attendance online management etc. We want the educational system to be more stable by enabling teachers give in their best in making sure that students get the best and quality education they deserve.

User Friendly Dashboard

Elegant interface to access all tools and modules at a glance.

Behavioral Analysis

Analyse and record student behavioral qualities and attributes.

Mobile Responsive

Design automatically adjust to fit in any device.

School Fee Management and Tracking

Monitor fee payment and check oustanding payments.

Class Attendance Management

Process students class attendance automatically online.

Student Population and Statistic

Know how many students are in your school at a glance.